Full suite solutions requires vibrant perception and progressive technology as we firmly believe social software is the future of Innovation

Enterprise Application

NexGenSm enterprise applications enables businesses to completely focus on maximizing their efforts and inculcate value-added innovative solutions for improved ROI’s.

In a competitive environment, enterprises demand for performance and efficient solutions that increase their productivity and profitability. Our enterprise application solutions are designed to help clients with next level solutions in content management, workflow enhancement, document management, business intelligence and mobility requirements. An automated optimize solution would definitely uplift every businesses performance and create an edge over any competition. With organized process flow and management in an enterprise will ultimately lead to steady growth.

Our team of specialist brings forth years of analytical, process driven, multi-phase methodological skills for business solutions which include definition, requirement analysis, data modeling, security, quality assurance and application testing to develop a highly scalable solution. Thus allow the employees to manage their daily and critical tasks with ease and organized manner.

With latest technologies NexGenSm can implemented enterprise solutions through custom development providing delivery without comprising quality Businesses can also achieve big cost reductions over time due to improvements in efficiency.

Our Solutions focus

  • Smarter data sharing and communication
  • Simpler Process flow with minimal complexities
  • Increase in productivity and profitability
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Improved quality and value


The smart phone technology is evolving at a lightning pace and 'Bring out innovation' is the new mantra of success. Bearing these facts in mind the team at NEXGENSM has been striving to be a successful leader in leveraging the power of technology and bringing out novelty. NexGenSm’s mobility experts have developed many advanced applications using popular development tools including even integrating various 3rd party tools and components. The standard process development cycle followed by our team brings desired results for their patrons. We also render our services in areas of Tablet development with some pioneering business applications. NexGenSm started developing Android applications from the very beginning and had developed many robust Smart phone applications in many verticals.

Over the past few years, NEXGENSM has gained a prominent expertise in Mobility applications development backed by a strong team who has the essential competencies to develop a powerful and intuitive Graphical User Interface for the smart phone applications.

NexGenSm does not constraints itself to technology usage while developing smart apps. Being into Mobile Application Development for quite some time for all the major platforms, once the SDK was launched the Mobility Team at NEXGENSM was eager for the swift move to the Mobility development.

Our Expertise Area

  • Utility Tools
  • Social Media Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • GPS applications
  • Chat Applications
  • Entertainment

Cloud Services

Our dream for a better tomorrow also requires powering our workspace and cloud has become the quintessential engine of enterprise technology innovation. Cloud’s adaptation has drastically changed with newer vision, opportunities and visually more enhanced customer experience thus being intuitively digital.

Big Data

We live in an era of unprecedented data boom, a new revolution that enhances the very purpose of developing applications. Waves of raw data from multiple applications, devices, channels, etc. are available at our disposal for analysis, storage and data management. These scattered data have enormous value that gives us precise insight on the various aspects of a customer environment.

Many organizations confront with millions of data that could give them more visibility and input to effective accelerate their business processes. This data are of significant importance which are not smartly utilized for your business and thereby increases the cost and reducing managerial efficiency in your organization.

NexGenSM follows a streamline process of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Integration and Validation that will positively augment your business to a prime level leading to revenue generation, operational efficiency and better business value.

Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enables us to define a strategy for your organization, integrating Big Data into your overall IT roadmap and implementing a solution which empowers your business.

Our solution delivers Big Data services across multiple domains and sectors assisting different businesses from the initial conceptualization, evaluation, customization and final implementation providing quality, effectiveness and value to an organization’s growth.

Our Big Data solutions guides businesses to

  • Collect and manage Quantitative Data to Qualitative Data
  • Smartly process raw data to gather better Customer Insights
  • Develop and implement Big Data solutions across all platforms
  • Prior identify and solve Security vulnerabilities
  • Maintain and customize Data with ease

System Integrations

The main challenges organizations face on their path to growth are complex technologies and changing business environments.

NexGenSm’s doctrine of system integration orbs around vendor neutral approach, application-centric and an enterprise architecture methodology. No matter the nature of your organization, with our expertise in system integration, NexGenSM ensure that the technology is in line with your business targets, with a view to establish a robust, business ordinate IT environment for customers.

Our System integration services include

  • Application and enterprise systems integration
  • Disaster rescue & recovery services
  • Network & Security infrastructure integration
  • Communication Applications

ISO certified processes and 10 plus years of IT service expertise are visible in the success we have attained in carrying through the projects. Strategic bonds with leading technology masters enable us to deliver cost-effective system integration services. Being a quality system Integrator, NexGenSm return the best of class solutions to our customers.

Communication- M2M Platform

M2M Platform is an upcoming machine to machine communication of NexGenSm that facilitates wireless communication between devices without the use of internet.