Our clients have been many and varied - big and small, that are scattered across the world in wide variety of market sectors.



TheFind’s journey started in the year of 2011 for Data Engineering development, Data Analysis and Quality Assurance for their e-commerce website. We developed the first iPad Catalogue, created merchant support system and made more than 1500 merchants feed management system with 97% accuracy. Finally this company got sold to Facebook Inc. The project continued for 5 years with the team size of 8.



PeerVue started the product development in quarter 3rd of 2004 and we released the MVP in 2005 mid. We attended the first conference at Hong Kong. From there, our Engineering team developed a solution for around 300 hospitals to provide Quality Improvement on Imaging and Workflow Management, and finally they sold it to McKesson Inc., USA (A multi Billion Company). The project continued with 13 team members for 8 years



A Virginia based company, started the MVP with us in the year 2006, and we continued to support them for 7 years. We developed everything from association management, non-profit organization management and created sub versions for different clients including RIMS Inc. USA, NYSAE, SNAMA, IELTS, ASOA, EyesSpaceMD etc. Today Higher logic is one of the fastest growing company from WDC, USA. Recently received $50 Million investment. The project ran for 5 years with 10 team members.



In 2011, Abu Dhabi Government was in a challenging situation to finish their country survey (census) for all their citizens. The development of Census System with their own MAP Server and Application SERVER was a challenge for them. Many solutions were proposed by different consultants, but at the end no other companies were in a position to take up vast challenges in the system development. We started the development in 2011, in 4 months developed MVP, tested and continuously supported 2 years to deliver all features as a part of requirement. We used 3000 IPADs for data collection.



Questor Insurance was developed for Questor Insurance Private Limited which is an independent and privately owned insurance intermediary that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The site deals with different types of insurances like vehicle hire insurance, travel insurance, motor excess insurance, gadget insurance etc.



StakOne, a promising startup from Australia with the vision to make the customers ambition as a reality for stores like Subway, Chicking, and KFC to manage their tasks with gamification. We involved our development team, made all requirements as a reality to the customers and brought the tag line “the First app in the world with gamification for Tasks management”



First Flag Realty is one of the fastest growing Property consultant and their services include working with both buyers and sellers in a wide array of real estate markets including residential, commercial, land, and other related property types. First Flag Realty provides real estate agents assistance for every real estate needs.



NISH, India is a University for Speech and Hearing Impaired. We have done multiple projects for facilitating admissions, outcome measurement and cochlear implant programs.

OAMS – Online Admission Management System

OMMS – Outcome Measurement Management System

SCIP – Sruthitharangam Cochlear Implant Program