NexGenSm offers a full suite of better solutions that improve the industry. We have proven expertise in the following areas.



Increased innovation and collaboration are leading the healthcare industry to move faster towards the next phase of transformation, characterized by simplified operating environments and access to real-time information through multiple channels.

NexGenSm offers a full suite of healthcare IT Solutions that improves the industry. Our solutions reduce operating costs, advance the quality of care, and promote public health with an emphasis on Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), quality initiatives and operational efficiency improvements.

As a trusted healthcare IT service provider for Government and non-Government Hospitals, Health systems, HIE organizations and specialists rely on health solutions and services to achieve success. Our health care division integrates data to ensure visibility and enhance departmental insight across all aspects of a procedure or task as well as reporting across all spaces, allowing information to be identified and used in infinite ways.

Highlights of our services:


Comprehensive industry
experience and Flexibility!


A broad footprint
and Valuable partnership!


Innovative approaches
and Transformational solutions!

healthcare _IT

Embrace the future
of healthcare IT now!


Seamless Clinical
integration using EMR!


Enjoy the whole
new clinical lifestyle!


Lost files and illegible
case sheets will be a thing of the past!


Easiness of a better
informed care delivery!

single touch

Manage your clinic
in a single touch!


Freedom to work
efficiently on the move

Solution Offerings

  • Radiology
  • Clinic Management
  • Health Information System
  • Laboratory Information Management System
  • PACS integration
  • Dicom RT Service & Dicom Viewer

Transport and Logistics

NexGenSm Logistics software caters to the expanding needs for efficient logistics services. Our vision is to provide premium service to our clients worldwide. We are committed to ensure that each freight forwarding is handled by our software in a reliable and efficient way.

We provide full range of services from tracking inland transportation, preparation of shipping and export documents, warehousing, booking cargo space, negotiating freight charges and freight consolidation.

Our rich yet flexible Offshore Development Centre brings you the advantage of having a Cost effective, Quality and Reliable Offshore Development Partner. With Exalt as your offshore development partner, makes you realize the vision successfully.


With years of experience backed by IT domain knowledge and technology proficiency, our GIS knowledge Division offers various geospatial analysis services and development of high quality location based information systems.
The proficiency in Geospatial data management, GIS application development and remote sensing services helps us to deliver the best for your mapping requirements.
Through the well-defined process-planning cycle, we offer high quality cost-effective Geospatial Outsourcing Services.
Our GIS services offers a comprehensive solution for spatial data management for government and industrial organizations. GIS and Remote Sensing services include digitizing, storing, integrating, analyzing, and presentation of GIS data related to Earth's surface locations.
Our team of geospatial specialists and software engineers has developed GIS products/systems, integrating with GPS & GIS technologies.

General Geospatial Services:


Image Geo-rectification,


Geo database


Creation and Maintenance
of Geospatial Database


Map Digitization


Data Integration


Format Conversion


Spatial Analysis


Cadastral Data
Management Services

status change

Status change detection
for Agriculture, Forestry


Coastal Zone Migration
and Management studies


Utility Mapping


Transportation and Telecom
Network Analysis


Real Estate


Topographic Mapping


Parcel Mapping

GIS Application

  • Enterprise GIS Solutions Development
  • Web GIS customization and development using: MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, ArcGIS Server, etc.
  • Location Based Services (LBS)

RFID Based System

NexGenSm offers best in class RTLS system, including powerful active RFID readers, tags and highly customizable application software that addresses complex operational requirements of healthcare providers. The Patient can be automatically located and tracked in real time with the highest levels of security in a hospital environment without any effect on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

We provide RFID based

  • Staff tracking & Security
  • Patient and asset tracking
  • Mother and New-born baby tracking
  • Ambulance Tracking
  • IOT’s

Travel and Tourism

Travel Websites are Fun to Build.

The only way to see the world is to create an experience!

In this world of constant change and hectic schedules, travelers look ahead for vacations and they go in search of exploring the web to make decisions. We are here to assist you to build you a great Travel website and bring these travelers to see the world in a unique and beautiful way.

Major Services of Travel Website:


Website Design
and Development


Reservation System,
Support and Maintenance


logins and Management


Tour Packages


Integrating SMS
and Secured Payment Gateway


Ticket Booking


Travel Map
locator and Guide


Customer Review
and Feedback system

NexGenSM as your partner benefits

  • Boost online sales with our customized development solutions
  • Tailored fit to reflect your brand image and unique experience
  • Help you create the most amazing tourism website that fits your requirement
  • Scalable and consistent website following updated standards
  • Optimization to be competitive in search engines


A Great Property Manager is Key to Success in Real Estate

Are you an agent or builder or broker looking to get into the online business? Then you have come to the right place.

Unlike in the past, Home owners exploring the World Wide Web has increased tremendously searching for properties soothing their own needs. Well, if you wish to dominate on this opportunity then you need an exceptionally vision oriented partner who can work with you to provide the most unique, eye-catching and advanced real estate experience to engage your clients.

Major Services We Offer:


Account logins
for Buyers/Seller/Agents


Admin console
to manage and update activities


Separate Property
listing for Agents/Sellers


Property Locator Filter
to list properties as per need


MLS/IDX Listings


Google Maps




Secured Payment


  • Improved Market Presence
  • Easy to use custom design
  • Increase number of Leads
  • Realty tools Integration made simple
  • Technology Independent
  • Easy Maintenance


Retail needs detail visualization to bring in power of online shopping .

The future is here, and the retail industry is fast evolving and drastically changing their strategy to grow actively and achieve success in the online world. In order to attain the face of your business, you need to create a presence that defines your brand, credibility and value. The more the experience you create, the more your customer resonates to your business. This positive impact definitely generates better ROI and growth. Retailers in the real world or online world have prodigious task ahead of them. Buyer’s excitement and loyalty are very important to keep them engrossed in your business and simultaneously convey large amounts of information in a clear and concise manner.

The competition is overwhelming and lots of consumer’s lookout for best experience, usability design, right value, security and seamless performance. Any interruption on any of these factors sway away your customers. So, it is of utmost importance to choose the right partner to handle your retail problems and ensure that you secure a powerful retail solution.

Here at NexGenSm, we work closely with our partners by following a process where we visualize the detail requirement, collaborate and provide right support to deliver a performance based value oriented solutions that optimally works for your visitors. For this we look for the right blend of design, process and technology to meet your expectation.

With NexGenSm as your valuable partner, your Online shopping experience flows with ease, confidence and ultra-secure.

Major Services We Offer:


Customer Engagement


Business Conversion


Strong Security




Mobile Friendly


  • Highly Interactive Shopping Experience
  • Easy Client Relationship Management
  • Effective Business Marketing
  • Increased Visibility for your Business
  • Improved Customer Perception

Gas and Oil

NexGenSm offers entensive solutions in Oil and Gas Industries including solutions like Rig Positioning and Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

Oil Rig Tracking System (ORTS)

A unit used for a global technology specializing in automated systems for remote tracking, monitoring & management of assets and activity/movements. It is mainly used by Oil Producing Companies.

Our Solutions


GPS Asset Management


Asset Security


Rig’s Movements


Production Order


Managing Online
Application With Maps


  • Safety of oil rigs and its movement in onshore/offshore
  • User friendly system for data manipulation and retrieval
  • Updates most realistic location in the map
  • Effective and systematic design to monitor and maintain real-time GPS database
  • Plan/control authorities to track and record every detail of oil rigs in different locations
  • Accurate measurement Oil rigs position and distance moved during any period including the direction

Associations, NPOs & NGOs

Technology is the new Building Block to Socialization and Contribution

Like any organization, Associations, Non-Profits and NGOs also resort to technology to promote their own interest and vision.

Associations, non-profits and NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) play an inevitable role in the world we live in. NexGenSm have always supported on initiatives that guarantees the well-being of humanity and the world we live in. The sense of social responsibility have always been an integral part of this company and further investing more time and effort in this area to develop an effective Digital Community for our future generations and a better tomorrow.

Part of this journey has led to many associations with NGO’s/ NPO’s /Associations over the years mainly by enhancing their capabilities with different workflow implementations, improving communication with members, managing activities/ directories, and so on. Creating a digital presence for these communities will definitely uplift the organization’s reach, maximizing interaction, networking, building reputation, creating awareness and also guiding members to participate and keep track of your organizations activities.

Keeping all these in mind, we specialize in providing one-stop solutions for Associations, Non-Profits and NGOs to deliver value added strategies and integrating cost-effective solutions without comprising quality, thereby achieving the best results and exposure for the good cause of your organization.

Our Solutions






Customer Advocacy





Benefits of our Digital Community Solution

  • Fully customized web solution which is user-friendly for your members
  • Easy management your staff and organization’s activities
  • Automated and Effective Customer Advocacy Management
  • Donor, media, volunteer friendly website
  • Improved visibility of your organization with the help of Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Customer-driven product innovation and insights


The Future of Connectivity will be embraced in IOT

Internet of Things (IOT) is a forthcoming disruptive technology that solidifies the gap between the physical world and the online environment. This evolution will create an impact with innumerable possibilities that will change the world we live in. Newer opportunities that involves inter-connectivity of devices, smarter interactions and operational efficiencies. IOT as a solution is growing innovation where consumers, businesses, and governments have recognized the benefits of inter-connecting various devices with the use of technology.

NexGenSm believes IOT will continue to have significant growth on nearly every industry, creating new business models and new sources of revenue. Within the next few decades we believe IOT will play a permanent role in our daily lives. This will also create implications for businesses as well as policymakers.

We provide concepts, visual perception and real time decision- making solutions to all enterprises to procure the benefits of IOT. Enterprises can capitalize on our IOT services to strength their businesses objectives, improve digital presence, increase operational efficiencies and enhance user experiences by collaborating all information together.

NexGenSm IOT services will assist businesses to integrate various process and information to remain connected at all times.

Major Services We Offer




Conceptualization to Maintenance
of IOT solutions


Connectivity to Wearable





NexGenSm as your Partner Benefits

  • Secured and Scalable solutions
  • Dedicated focus on product development from Requirements to Implementation
  • Creating opportunities for new business models and new sources of revenue
  • Well- satisfactory Customer Relationship
  • Effective guidance to Marketing and Application development

Chat Solutions

Chat Solutions is a corporate shared service initiative from the Exalt International Inc. Incorporated with the vision of providing chat support solutions for establishments across the globe.

Business is engaging with more customers through online channels and need to fully support the online customer experience. In addition to phone and email, chat solutions is a great channel for online customer support that leads to happier customers, increased conversions and a reduction in service costs.


  • Growth in customer satisfaction
  • Growth Improved brand recognition and customer loyalty
  • Growth After hour leads bring in additional business
  • Growth Get rid of long queues and surprise customers with instant answers
  • Growth Increased website interactivity and customer engagement
  • Growth Most cases are resolved on the spot

Chat does the heavy lifting, phone and email can't handle

Go to the website and just respond to the welcome message waiting for you with the best service and support wherever you are.

Business can also see big cost reductions over time due to improvements in efficiency- agents handling multiple chats, using pre-written responses, directing customers to web pages, etc. Saving just one second per chat can result in an overall time savings of 40-80 hours per year

Why Exalts Chat Support

  • Single operator, Multiple chats, Several visitors - Enhanced support whereby a Single Operator can handle multiple visitors
  • Lead Generation and Tracking - Identifying potential customers through the information extracted during live chat
  • Campaign Activity Reports - Monthly reports to drive your business further
  • Data Manipulation - Interpreting the information collected for better business operations
  • Proactive Conversations - Proactive chat requests ensuring higher customer satisfaction
  • Customizable Interface - Customizable console with provision to add the company Name and Logo
  • Trained Live Chat specialists - Trained Operators with an updated knowledge regarding the services being offered
  • Summary Reports - Summary reports with details like No: of chats, Ratings and Missed Opportunities
  • Pre chat and post chat survey - Pre chat and post chat survey for performing effective QA checks

How it works

  • Understand your business
  • Analyze the benefits of chat solutions for your business
  • Create a Knowledge Base with FAQ of your Customer
  • Draft Canned Chat Scripts
  • Setup Our Personalized chat solution on your site.
  • Satisfy your visitors with a LIVE presence
  • Identify prospective visitors who can be your customer.

Our Services

Full suite solutions requires vibrant perception and progressive technology
as we firmly believe social software is the future of Innovation


Enterprise Application

NexGenSm enterprise applications enables businesses to completely focus on maximizing their efforts and inculcate value added business solutions for improved ROI’s.



NexGenSm’s mobility experts have developed many advanced applications using popular development tools including even integrating various 3rd party tools and components.


Cloud Services

Our dream for a better tomorrow also requires powering our workspace and cloud has become the quintessential engine of enterprise technology innovation.


Big Data

We live in an era of unprecedented data boom, new revolution that enhances the very purpose of developing applications.


System Integrations

NexGenSm’s doctrine of system integration orbs around vendor neutral approach, application-centric and an enterprise architecture methodology.


Communication- M2M Platform

M2M Platform is an upcoming machine to machine communication of NexGenSm that facilitates wireless communication between devices without the use of internet.